"The basic principle behind Big Skies Estates and what makes it unique has been at the back of my mind for quite a long time.

Whilst growing Norfolk Hideaways, before I sold it in 2016, I thought a lot about introducing a different kind of estate agency to the Norfolk coast. We had so many prospective house buyers coming to our offices clutching a fist full of property details, to ask which we thought would make the best holiday let, what sort of rentals it would command, how many weeks it would let and a lot of other questions.

It occurred to me that I could do something to help with this. Also for my owners, who came to sell their second homes which they were holiday letting; there was a clear opportunity to help them market their properties more effectively, using the income figures they already had, and to work around their bookings to ensure no loss of income and a smooth transition between owners.

The same principle applies to people living on the coast full time who don’t holiday let at all. If they came to sell, they would definitely want to appeal to the widest market possible. I realised that new owners, even if they did not wish to holiday let their new Norfolk home, would be interested in knowing the potential it had to generate income if they needed it to.

It also occurred to me that I could help people find the right investment property, regardless of whether or not it was on my own portfolio. Naturally, I would try very hard to ensure that I had all the loveliest houses, but realistically I could not see a reason why I shouldn’t help buyers who were looking outside of my portfolio. It was a bit of a radical idea, but it’s from here that Big Skies Property Finder was born.

I didn’t act on my ideas then, I was simply too focused on Hideaways and worried that I would not do the new business justice. Now, however, I have no such restrictions and I am so excited to be able to throw myself headlong in to Big Skies. It’s a new adventure!”

Hetti Simpson, Owner, Big Skies Estates (March 2019)