Floorplans – How they can help sell your home

Posted on Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Measure for measure

Include room dimensions clearly on the floorplan for contextual clarity.

A detailed floorplan presents the property as a blank canvas, enabling buyers to picture their furnishings in situ.

Picture this

Not all rooms get photographed for the sales brochure.

Including a floorplan allows people to piece together the ‘bigger picture’ and virtually tour the home.

One direction

Many home-seekers crave a south-facing garden.

Include a compass rose on the floorplan so that viewers can discern the orientation of the home.


Be sure to include overall square footage on the floorplan.

The number of rooms in your home may not represent its actual size.

Displaying overall square footage can help demonstrate a home’s true potential.

Create space

Floorplans make homes seem larger!

Stripped of furniture, the messiest rooms can appear spacious as blank rectangles.

Floorplans can also rectify flawed photography in rooms with awkward angles.


Floorplans are an essential part of the sales package. They portray the seller and agent in a professional light.

Buyers deserve the maximum information and omitting a floorplan can appear sloppy.

Demonstrate desirability

Exclusive homes come with top price tags. Floorplans help justify these, showing the ‘extra mileage’ you get for your money. 

Identify outbuildings, annexes, cellars and stables that might be missed from photography.

Honest approach

Floorplans show immediately if your home is a viewer’s match. 

Save yourself time, money and the misery of fruitless viewings by being upfront.

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