How to make sure your photos look fabulous

Posted on Thursday, November 14, 2019

For total peace of mind, we provide every house with free professional photography meaning we can capture your home at its very best.

We will accompany the photographer on all shoots, discussing your thoughts and ideas with the professional. With their skillset and with the intimate knowledge you possess of your home’s best features (and potential flaws), means we’ll have the best photos for marketing your property in the best possible way.

Perfect planning

As the old adage goes, ‘failure to prepare; prepare to fail’.

This is particularly key if you have lived in your home for many years and have accrued a lifetime’s worth of possessions.

We will work with you to make suggestion on how to best present your home. Work out a timescale for the shoot that allows for a spring clean and de-clutter to happen before the big shoot.

If you are unsure on where to start or need help with cleaning, we are on hand to assist with all this and can arrange for cleaners and gardeners to help make your house ready.

Windows are an absolute must; if you are short on time, a professional cleaner should guarantee a gleaming shine.

Dress for success

In an Insta-perfect world, gone are the days of the candid camera. It’s time to primp and style each room so that it’s dressed to impress.

Now for the fun part…

Each room should be de-personalised (remove all your half-empty shower gels and colour-correcting conditioners from the bathroom) and ‘dressed’ in its finest.

Clear your kitchen worktops of any clutter and instead we will add a cafetière of coffee and some freshly baked croissants; all of which you can enjoy after the shoot!

Replace worn and faded bathroom towels with a set of crisp white ones. Avoid over-cluttering the shot, instead opt for elements that hint at luxury, comfort and offer a warm welcome.

Pay close attention to creating a cosy bedroom setting. Iron out any creases in the bed linen (plain, not patterned) and dress with cushions and even a herringbone throw for that comfort-blanket appeal.

Light up the room 

Light is synonymous with enlightenment; so be sure to illuminate your viewers as to the wonderful features of your home by providing key lighting throughout the shoot.

Lighting equipment should be within the remit of your photographer but do be sure to point out any furtive dark corners to them. You are, of course, the expert when it comes to your own home.

The early bird catches the worm; but the night-owl photographer captures the sunburst of twilight. We will visit your home prior to the shoot and analyse how and where the light hits your home at different times of the day.

Dawn light can be a fantastic medium for photographers, whilst twilight shots, with all the lights on indoors and curtains open, weaves its own alluring spell on viewers.

Be part of the process

For estate agents, picking the right photographs for marketing is second nature. We have the added bonus of impartiality; we don’t have the emotional ties to the home that you have after all.

However, we do know how important your home is to you and ultimately, nobody is better placed to scrutinise and assess the final shots than you, the homeowner.

Take direction from the agent and listen to their advice but let your heart and instinct lead you. Point out the unique features that captivated you on your first viewing; show them to the gin and tonic terrace where the light hits perfectly at twilight.

Aim for a selection of shots; a mixture of lifestyle, full-width and feature.

We would be delighted to discuss how we go about marketing your property in more detail, for further questions please call Hetti or Sophie on 01485 524 254 or email